Hotel Introduction

Trika Tsang International Hotel is the first international art hotel of Tibetan culture created by Yinyuan Group in Chengdu based on the brand Trika Tsang. With the long-cherished wish of "inheriting aristocratic classic and leading the styles of elegance and nobility", the Hotel extracts the essence from the profound Tibetan culture and embodies the splendid classical culture of Tibetan culture.

The Hotel inherits the thousand-year accumulation of aristocratic family and harbors the devotion of dissemination and development of Tibetan culture. In the space of 40,000m2, the Hotel presents the nationality quintessence of 1,228,400km2 – the elaborate profile, the elegant and melodious Langma, easy and cheerful Duixie, exquisitely beautiful treasure of Thangka, and high-standard elegant noble privileges... In the Hotel, landscapes change with your steps with surprises and you may appreciate the charms of culture and enjoy the unique charms of the cultural journey.

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